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District Center

A small settlement lost somewhere in Russian prairies. Regular buses from all neighboring areas drive through the local bus station, which witnesses dozens of meetings and partings. 

Radik arrives here to meet his older sister Rita, who takes custody of him and his brothers and sisters. It happens that a huge amount of money falls into the hands of the boy, and he intends to spend it at his own discretion. But money always comes along with a temptation. And the story of the whole humanity has started with a temptation.


Production: Russia, 2021
Duration: 93 min
Directed by: Natalia Nazarova
Cast:Samal Esliamova, Nikita Tabunshchik, Ilia Noskov, Evgenii Startcev, Denis Avramov, Alexander Gavrilov, Vladimir Komarov

5 weeks

A pandemic has suddenly struck the world. And now Sergey and Masha are locked in one apartment for quarantine. When staying “in a cage”, they have to go through five stages of assuming the inevitable, to know each other deeper and accept themselves and the world around as they are.

Production: Russia, 2021
Duration: 85 min
Directed by: Alexander Andreev
Cast: Artyom Bystrov, Yuliya Shubareva


The peak of pandemic. The information about the new virus is still inconsistent, the air is flooded with the fear of the unknown and the thoughts about the approaching end of the world.

Sergey kidnaps his ex-wife Elena. He acts quickly and harshly, and tells some nonsense – that the hunting for Elena is open and that she is… the panacea! 

Sergey would have to prove Elena he’s not mad, and to fight ruthless gangsters and save the one whom he still loves.

Production: Russia, 2021
Duration: 4×18 min
Directed by: Mike Kleo
Cast: Alexey Parsevich, Veronika Norina

The Peers

A cozy title which intertwines a lyric storyline with dramatic twists and is filled with New Year’s atmosphere. 

An occasional meeting of two childhood friends awakens a long-forgotten feeling, much more tender and deliberate than first youthful love.

For a main character this turns out to be a breath of fresh air, in contract to sustainable conflicts with his current young and beautiful wife.

Their teen daughter shows unusual wisdom, and supports her father to follow happiness, which finally counts for the benefit of everyone in this story.

Production: Russia, 2021
Duration: 95 min
Directed by: Nataliya Gubareva
Cast: Yuri Baturin, Alexia Man’kovskaya, Dmitry Vlaskin, Daria Egorova, Ilya Iosiphov, Maria Kolobova

The Siege of Ahulgo

The film is based on real historical events and tells the story of one of the most severe fights of the Caucasian War in the first half of XIX century – the Siege of the rock fortress of Akhoulgo.

Production: Russia, 2019
Duration: 80 min
Directed by: Magomed Abdulkadyrov
Cast: Haibula Hasaev, Konstantin Butaev, Evgenii Sidihin, Sergey Gorobchenko, Kheda Tutaeva

Clay Pit

Based on the play by Olga Pogodina-Kuzmina

Life seems to have frozen in the 90s in this remote Russian town. Here you can hide from the troubles of the big world and heal the wounds of the soul. So Mila thinks, having decided to return to her mother’s house after a failed attempt to “make it in Moscow”. Meanwhile, her sister Galya is getting married to Rustam, a handsome young man from Central Asia. He becomes the cause of new passions. A terrible epiphany awaits the participants of this family drama.

Production: Russia, 2018
Duration: 80 min
Directed by: Vera Glagoleva
Cast: Tatiana Vladimirova, Anna Kapaleva, Lilia Volkova, Sanjar Madi, Dmitry Krivochurov


Ambitious journalist Daria is eager to fly high up the career ladder. She’s ready to do anything to please her boss Konstantin.

By fraud she makes friends with guys, which initiate occasional flashmobs in unexpected city locations. 

The stories intertwine and force to make life-defining choices. The intolerable teenager Willie runs away from home, Konstantin suffers from unanswered love for an actress and an athlete Myshka gets an injury which threatens to end her sports career.

Dina herself falls in love with their leader Dan. She doesn’t want to lie to him any longer, but she has to finish her journalist story…

Production: Russia, 2021
Duration: 100 min
Directed by: Alyona Rubinshtein
Cast: Alyona Spivak, Nicolai Korotaev, Leeka Kalinina

Captain Hollywood

1999. The country is shaken by a series of explosions in apartment blocks in Buynaksk, Moscow and Volgodonsk.

The investigation is carried out by Captain Vereschiagin, nicknamed “Captain Hollywood” after his appearance on TV.

Alexey and his workmates drown themselves into work, spending days and nights at service. In parallel with severe and dangerous work unwraps a touching love story between special service agent Captain Hollywood and a journalist Maria…

Production: Russia, 2020
Duration: 100 min
Directed by: Evgenii Tatarov
Cast: Evgenii Shirikov, Anthonyna Divina, Aleksei Nesterenko, Vladimir Roganov, Artem Melnichuk

The Oath

An impressing war drama, a story of life and heroism of Naum Balapan – an academic psychiatrist, Doctor of Medicine, a chief doctor of the Sevastopol psychiatric hospital since 1922. With the help of his wife he saved innocent people during repressions and later during the Nazi occupation until his tragic death in 1942.

Production: Russia, 2020
Duration: 125 min / 4×50 min
Directed by: Roman Nesterenko
Cast: Alexander Bargman, Anna Vartanyan, Dmitriy Gotsdiner, Igor Garbuzov, Alyona Kozyreva, Nikolay Serdcev, Artem Bolotovskii, Kristina Stefanovic, Vladimir Roganov, Olga Kalmykova, Svetlana Pavlova, Marina Denisova, Vasili Mishchenko, Yuriy Tsurilo

The Fourth Wall

In the not so distant future the black market makes it possible to feel the emotions of a long-forgotten strengths once again.
Some high-ranking official buys the emotional collection of a unique teenage girl. But virtual emotions might be much worse than his own gloomy reality.

Production: Russia, 2020
Duration: 110 min
Directed by: Anton Galimzianov
Cast: Daniil Zaitcev, Alexandera Dolia, Viacheslav Kulakov, Vladimir Badov, Alexander Ratovskii

At the Moon

Gleb is a golden youth boy, an idler living a lavish life. Having a wealthy and influential father, Gleb believes he’s not obliged to comply with any rules.
One night during streetrace he knocks down a man.
After that his father decides his son needs to reconsider his life values. , and sends him to a northern village, far away from civilization.

Production: Russia, 2020
Duration: 99 min
Directed by: Egor Konchalovskiy
Cast: Ivan Arkhangelsky, Vitaliy Kishchenko, Alexander Baluev

The End of the Season

Three sisters happen to live out of Russia, in s small Baltic city. Like Chekhov’s three sisters, they’re desperate to move to Moscow. But the fate has its own plans.

Production: Russia, 2020
Duration: 95 min
Directed by: Konstantin Khudyakov
Cast: Yuliya Peresild, Yulia Snigir, Anna Chipovskaya

Beyond the Wind

Based on a story of Rostislav Alekseev

Rostislav Alekseev was a soviet engineer who invented and designed the world’s first ekranoplan vehicles – “flying ships”, huge and powerful machines which could move at incredible speed.
This man was and ingenious engineer and a dreamer, faithful to his country. His challenging ideas were much ahead of the time and faced bureaucratic hurdles and misunderstanding.

Prouction: Russia, 2020
Duration: 4х52
Director by: Leonid Plyaskin
Cast: Artem Bystrov, Daria Tsiberkina, Maria Russkikh, Andrei Moskvichyov

Afanasii. The Road To The Other End Of The World

Animated series about the adventures of a merchant Afanasii Nikitin. He was sent to the other end of the world by Tver duthcess, and became the first Eurupean who visited India in 1471 His his long journey was described in detail in his diaries.
A lot of adventures waited him on his way. But all the problems were solved with Afanasii’s wit and with the help of his friend Frog.

Production: Russia, 2019
Duration: 3х26 min

Three Days Till The Spring

During the siege of Leningrad a Nazi bombshell destroyed the storage of Experimental medicine institute where deadly dangerous viruses were kept.
Severe winter weather prevents epidemy from outbreaking in the besieged city. But the spring is coming, and Leningrad faces the bacterial catastrophe. Doctor Maritskaya and an NKWD officer Andreew have only three days to save the city.

Production: Russia, 2017
Duration: 100 min.
Directed by: Alexander Kasatkin
Cast: Kirill Pletnev, Elena Lotova, Evgeniy Sidikhin, Yuri Itskov

The Cry Of Silence

Based on the novel by Tamara Zinberg “Seventh Symphony”

Siege of Leningrad, 1942. Despaired Nina Voronova can’t stand starvation and cold any longer. She evacuates from the city, leaving her little son in a deadly cold apartment.

He is found by Katya, an orphaned teenager girl from the next door, right before his house is destroyed by bombs.

Katya claims he’s her brother, and manages to get extra food provision from the district administration using boy’s certificate of birth. In the meantime she helps to nurse injured soldiers in the local hospital. One of them – Alexey Voronov – realizes the little boy is his son.

Production: Russia, 2019
Duration: 100 min.
Directed by:
 Vladimir Potapov
Cast: Alina Sargina, Lev Girshov, Artem Bystrov, Vladimir Menshov, Nadezhda Markina


Based on a novel by Leonid Yuzefovich.

Perm, Siberia, 1918. The Central Siberian White Guard Corps under the command of a young general Anatoliy Pepelyaev have taken the city. The army is exhausted and running short on supplies. The General tasks the Permian merchants with collecting the money needed for the survival of the army much to their dismay. Madame Chagina, a rich widow answers the call and presents general with a massive diamond… only to have it mysteriously disappear the next day. Recently sentenced to death Red Army investigator Andrei Murzin is brought in to find the precious contribution. Murzin must find the diamond in exchange for a chance to save his life.

Production: Russia, 2015
Duration: 170 min.
Directed by: Sergey Snezhkin
Cast: Maksim Matveev, Elizaveta Boyarskaya, Ilya Noskov, Evgeniy Dyatlov, Konstantin Vorobyov, Arthur Wakha, Yuriy Itskov, Igor Chernevich, Sergey Peregudov

A Girl With A Scythe

The residents of a Moscow condominium would face lots of funny yet thrilling events right before the New Year. A girl with scythe is coming. Would she find her way, or would everyone celebrate the holiday safe and healthy?..

Prouction: Russia, 2017
Duration: 90 min.
Directed by: Olga Popova
Cast: Aleksandra Ursulyak , Viktor Dobronravov , Fedor Dobronravov , Irina Cherichenko , Mark Bogatyrev , Oleg Gaas , Polina Aug