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Dangerous Holidays

A boy from a big city comes to Crimea village for summer holidays. He’s feeling bored without Internet, but very soon makes friends with an easy-going local girl.
Together they notice suspicious behaviour of some strangers, begin their own investigation and help the Police stop dangerous terrorists.

Production: Russia, 2016
Duration: 81 min
Directed by: Olga Belyaeva
Cast: Evdokia Kolesnikova, Erich Chupin, Konstantin Kryukov, Irina Skobtseva, Sergei Nikonenko, Ivan Kolesnikov, Galina Polskykh, Nina Maslova

The Mystery Of The Dark Room

The film tells the story of two schoolboys who, driven by curiosity, fall into the whirlpool of an incredibly exciting adventures. It all starts with mysterious window that appears on the wall of their house at full moon. When the boys enter that window, they find themselves in a strange dark room…

Production: Russia, 2014
Duration: 75 min
Directed by: Olga Belyaeva
Cast: Sergey Nikonenko, Viktor Sukhorukov, Galina Polskih, Irina Skobtseva, Konstantin Kryukov, Ekaterina Voronina, Ivan Agapov


Too Red To Be A Fox

Based on a Goethe’s tale “Reynard the Fox”.

Adventures of a charming and cunning Fox who finds himself helping a love-struck blacksmith Tillo. The man dreams of making a woman named Emmy happy, despite she has never laughed or even smiled. In Emmy’s name, Tillo is ready to slay a dragon and defeat a giant. The Fox, accompanied with other animals, talking flowers, kind angels, and elves from the magic forest, comes to help him.

Production: Russia, 2015
Duration: 100 min
Directed by: Aleksandra Strelyanaya
Cast: Igor Lepikhin, Daniel Gedike, Sergey Khomchenkov, Anton Paderin, Mariya Runovskaya, Anastasiya Aristova

I Give You my Word-3

Final part of the trilogy about Soviet pioneer childhood, in which our heroes graduate from school and get into a series of adventures, say goodbye to childhood and enter adult life.

Prouction: Russia, 2017
Duration: 100 min / 3×52 min
Director by: Aleksandr Karpilovskiy
Cast: Semyon Treskunov, Egor Klinaev, Anfisa Vistingauzen

I Give You my Word-2

Based on the novels by Mikhail Seslavinskiy

Three schoolmates – Mishka, Dimka and Helena – go to seaside summer camp and take with them еheir favorite dog Sawa. In just a few weeks they would test their friendship, fight with the gangsters, find the treasure, poison the camp director accidentally and get lost in the caves nearby – and all these adventures would go along wigh the Shakespeare passions of first love.

Production: Russia, 2015
Duration: 80 min / 3×52 min
Directed by: Aleksandr Karpilovskiy
Cast: Semyon Treskunov, Egor Klinaev, Anfisa Vistingauzen

I Give You my Word

Based on the novels by Mikhail Seslavinskiy

Two schoolboys, Mishka and Dimka, are preparing for the school classes competition. A couple of days before it day Mishka falls into the river. He can’t swim, but fortunately gets rescued by a homeless dog. Shortly after the four-legged friend is caught by an animal control, and only two boys and their lovely classmate Helena can save Sawa from death. But they have to ignore the school competition, while the attendance is strictly obligatory.

The kids have to make difficult choices, which they’d face more than once in their life: friendship vs duty, personal happiness vs public welfare.

The events twist into a true detective story, which finally turns out to be a tender lesson of friendship, empathy and affection.

Production: Russia, 2013
Duration: 80 min / 3×52 min
Directed by: Aleksandr Karpilovskiy
Cast: Semyon Treskunov, Egor Klinaev, Anfisa Vistingauzen, Yuliya Rutberg, Svetlana Ivanova, Roman Madyanov