I Give You my Word

Based on the novels by Mikhail Seslavinskiy

Two schoolboys, Mishka and Dimka, are preparing for the school classes competition. A couple of days before it day Mishka falls into the river. He can’t swim, but fortunately gets rescued by a homeless dog. Shortly after the four-legged friend is caught by an animal control, and only two boys and their lovely classmate Helena can save Sawa from death. But they have to ignore the school competition, while the attendance is strictly obligatory.

The kids have to make difficult choices, which they’d face more than once in their life: friendship vs duty, personal happiness vs public welfare.

The events twist into a true detective story, which finally turns out to be a tender lesson of friendship, empathy and affection.

Production: Russia, 2013
Duration: 80 min / 3×52 min
Directed by: Aleksandr Karpilovskiy
Cast: Semyon Treskunov, Egor Klinaev, Anfisa Vistingauzen, Yuliya Rutberg, Svetlana Ivanova, Roman Madyanov