Tilly and Toli

This down-to-earth story that takes place in the mountains of North Caucasus, between two adjacent villages – Ossetian Toli and Georgian Teli – tells us about simple and naive people that governments try to divide today by an official state border. These people wish to live in peace and harmony, in spite of ethnic differences, as their ancestors lived for hundreds of years. They are accustomed to solve all the conflicts peacefully, following Caucasian customs – around a great table, with wine and songs.

Production: Russia, Canada, Georgia, Greece, 2015
Duration: 77 min.
Director: Aleksandr Amirov
Cast: Kakhi Kavsadze, Dagun Omaev, Anatoly Dzivaev, Rinal Mukhametov, Nutsa Khubulava, Soslan Fidarov, Nick Shonia, Sergey Pogosyan, Ivan Dubrovsky, Kazbek Kibizov, Nanuli Sarajishvili, Vladislav Demin, Eduard Orudzhyan