Breath of the Dead Forest

The father of seventeen-year-old Alik has been arrested for committing a series of brutal murders. The mother moves to another city together with her son.

Alik tries to start a new life, but he doesn’t suspect that he has become an object of research for Sonya. She is a graduate student at the Faculty of Psychology at the University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and she’s writing a dissertation “The influence of genes on the children of serial killers”. Alik is a gift of fate for the ambitious, career-oriented Sonya.

Production: Russia, 2023
Duration: 85 min.
Director: Evgeny Tatarov
Cast: Pyotr Natarov, Anna Kuklina, Maria Valeshnaya, Anastasia Matveeva, Vlada Anikievich, Simon Kayava, Evgeniy Shirikov

Content type: Films