District Center

A small settlement lost somewhere in Russian prairies. Regular buses from all neighboring areas drive through the local bus station, which witnesses dozens of meetings and partings. 

Radik arrives here to meet his older sister Rita, who takes custody of him and his brothers and sisters. It happens that a huge amount of money falls into the hands of the boy, and he intends to spend it at his own discretion. But money always comes along with a temptation. And the story of the whole humanity has started with a temptation.


Production: Russia, 2021
Duration: 93 min
Directed by: Natalia Nazarova
Cast:Samal Esliamova, Nikita Tabunshchik, Ilia Noskov, Evgenii Startcev, Denis Avramov, Alexander Gavrilov, Vladimir Komarov

Content type: Films