In a Jazz Style

It is history of the difficult and at the same time amusing relations which arose between the man and three women. The hero – the successful young man possessing rare male charm and, respectively, ability to be pleasant to all women without exception, irrespective of their age and situation in society. The heroine – the girl of 26 years who steeped in work, disappointed in love lives according to the habitual scheme “house-work-house” day by day and doesn’t dream of female happiness any more. It would seem, between them “the love with the happy end” has to flash, but – it meets her younger sister and her mother, still real beauty. Undoubtedly, with time and they appear in the power of charm of the main character. So to whom from three women at it the real feelings?

Production: Russia, 2010
Duration: 93 min.
Director: Stanislav Govoruhin
Cast: Mihal Zhebrovskii, Aglaia Shilovskaia, Helena Iakovleva, Olga Krasko, Tatiana Ustinova, Marat Basharov, Anatolii Belyi, Fedor Dobronravov


Content type: Films