One War

May, 8, 1945. Maxim Prokhorov, major of People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs, arrives at a small northern island. There live eleven people: five young women, five children from one to three years, and the captain Karp Nichiporuk. The young mothers were exiled to the island from the territories occupied by fascists, and their children are the children of the German occupieer. Arrival of the major upsets the casual life on the island. The major has to “clean up” the island and the nearest settlements. The military man authorizes a plan to organize a training camp in the region for saboteurs. The night of May, 9, the women ar told about the German capitulation, their hopes for forgiveness and return home become a certainty. They are even allowed to celebrate the Victory.

Production: Russia, 2009
Duration: 85 min.
Director: Vera Glagoleva
Cast: Aleksandr Baluev, Natalia Surkova, Julia Mel’nikova, Mikhail Khmurov, Fedor Koposov, Natalia Kudryashova, Ann Nakhapetova, Kseniya Surkova

Content type: Films