Personal drama calls out a depression, even the suicide thoughts. That’s what happened to Anya. The reason is banal: her husband left the family. But do people die of that? Indeed, no. But tell her how to live? She is frozen in her memories. She was not first-class happy especially in the present times, but she did love and didn’t even know how strong was her love. The trials of suicide are helpless – she doesn’t have enough nor will neither courage. But an idea of a terrible runaway really got stuck in her mind and leads her to the edge of the abyss…

Production: Russia, 2005

Duration: 79 min.
Director: Vera Glagoleva
Cast: Alexander Baluev, Natalia Vdovina, Larissa Guzeeva, Vladimir Sterzhakov, Oleg Tsarev, Alexander Yakovlev, Anna Nosatova

Content type: Films