The Peers

A cozy title which intertwines a lyric storyline with dramatic twists and is filled with New Year’s atmosphere. 

An occasional meeting of two childhood friends awakens a long-forgotten feeling, much more tender and deliberate than first youthful love.

For a main character this turns out to be a breath of fresh air, in contract to sustainable conflicts with his current young and beautiful wife.

Their teen daughter shows unusual wisdom, and supports her father to follow happiness, which finally counts for the benefit of everyone in this story.

Production: Russia, 2021
Duration: 95 min
Directed by: Nataliya Gubareva
Cast: Yuri Baturin, Alexia Man’kovskaya, Dmitry Vlaskin, Daria Egorova, Ilya Iosiphov, Maria Kolobova

Content type: Films